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The Lemon Bay High School Jazz & Symphonic Band

2008-09 Fair Share

$25 per Student - Symphonic Band

$35 per Student - Jazz Band



What is it?  Why do we ask for it?  What is it used for?


Hopefully, we will be able to answer these questions AND offer numerous ways to help you pay your student’s Fair Share.


It is important to know that there are many expenses incurred by the music department, which are not covered by the school or the county.  It is also important to know that our Fair Share is one of the lowest in the area.


The Lemon Bay Band Boosters would like each parent to know just how important your student’s Fair Share is to the music program.  The following are some of the things that Fair Share money goes towards:


        Clinicians, clinicians and more clinicians.  Clinicians are necessary to enhance the skill level of the playing for each performance, as well as the overall appearance and professionalism of the show.

        Music and rights are purchased.

        At times, musical instruments and instrument repairs are paid for by the boosters.

Payments can be made at any time either by mail or by placing the payment in the drop box in the band room.  Anyone making an obvious attempt to pay through regular payments, will be given extra consideration by the Board with regard to meeting due dates.


When Fair Share payments are not current and made on time, this places the entire music program in jeopardy, affecting all the students.  A student whose account is not current according to the above payment schedule, may be penalized as follows:


        At the discretion of the Band Director and/or the Board, the student may not be allowed to participate in performances and/or competitions until obligations are met or a plan to correct the deficiency has been agreed upon by the Director and/or Treasurer.

        If the account is not current by November 15th, the student will not be allowed to participate in other band ensembles (not including concert band), such as Indoor Guard, Indoor Drumline, or subsequent marching band seasons, until the deficiency is brought current.  Nor will the student be allowed to particiate in any band related trips (should there be any scheduled) until the deficiency is brought current.

        If the account is not brought current by the end of the school year, this delinquency will be reported to the school business office, for the appropriate actions to be taken by the school’s Administration.

        Payments made towards a student’s Fair Share will always be credited first to the oldest outstanding balance.


There are numerous fundraising opportunities, including car washes and various sales campaigns (i.e., cookie dough, candles, fresh holiday wreaths, etc.) that are available to students throughout the year, which would enable each student to earn money to put toward their Fair Share.  We encourage all students to participate in all these fundraisers, as they are able.  It is a great way for students to earn money for their Student Account (see explanation of Student Account).  It is through these various fundraisers that each student can have an active part in earning their Fair Share, so that no student will be left out of any band due to lack of monies for Fair Share.



Upon joining the Lemon Bay High School Band, a “student account” is established for each band member, which the boosters maintain on their behalf.  This account is maintained as long as the student is a band member or until graduation/departure from the band.  Its purpose is to itemize each charge to the student, record fundraiser profits accorded to the student, enter receipt of Fair Share payments, and is to include any transactions applicable to that student that are of a monetary nature.  Account statements will be provided to parents on a regular basis or upon request, showing all account activity. 


Monies “earned” by fundraisers earmarked for student accounts, are automatically deposited into the student’s account and can then be used to pay first and foremost, any outstanding Fair Share balance, followed by approved music-related expenses the student may have (i.e., personal instrument purchases, music purchases, musical supplies, etc.).  At the end of the school year, any remaining money in a student’s account can be carried over to the following year.  By the same token, any delinquencies at the end of the school year will also be carried over and will need to be brought current.  If, however, at the time of the student’s graduation/departure from the band, there are any remaining monies in that student’s account, those monies can be transferred to a sibling (who must be in grade 9-12 and must be a band student) or any remaining monies will revert to the booster general fund.


Should you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact:


Tina Kolb

President, Lemon Bay Band Boosters

(941) 223-2027




Trish Meiser

Treasurer, Lemon Bay Band Boosters

(941) 475-4465